Phase 1
Once we receive your Citizen Action Request form, you will be notified of your enrollment in the program. Next, we review your concerns and collect initial traffic data. From this information a proposed improvement plan is formulated for the location, and you are informed of the findings and recommendations for Phase I solutions.

Possible Phase I Solutions

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Campaign

safety newsletters A traffic safety campaign can heighten traffic safety awareness in a neighborhood.  If speed and traffic volume studies begin the campaign, results may be reported in a safety newsletter mailed to area residents.  Information on traffic laws and on pedestrian and bicycle safety may be included along with recommended traffic calming measures.


Close Up Median Sign

Posting appropriate traffic control signs is a Phase I solution. Signs may include speed limit, parking, dead-end, school signs, etc.  The sign pictured at the right directs drivers around a center median.


Pavement Markingspavement legend

Legends and other markings on neighborhood roadways can be a Phase I solution.  Pavement markings can include center lines, foglines, school crossings, bike lanes and speed limits.  Providing marked parking lanes on both sides of a street narrows a road and can reduce vehicular speeds.

Brush Trims

Tree Blocked Sign

Sight distance is improved when brush is trimmed and vegetation is cleared by homeowners or City crews.  Check the page on Tree and Brush Trimming for specific information about sight distance requirements, sight distance at intersections, and a homeowner's responsibility for keeping vegetation out of the sight distance triangle.

Targeted Enforcement

cop with speeder

Increased enforcement by the Redmond Police Department can be a recommended Phase I solution.  When reporting frequent and specific neighborhood speeders, providing police with license plate numbers, location, and times of day can make targeted enforcement most productive.

Neighborhood Speed Watch Program

radar gun

Redmond police train residents to use radar equipment to record vehicular speed.  Results are turned over to the police, who send a letter to the registered owners of those vehicles found traveling above the posted speed limit. The letters are not citations, but remind violators about the posted speed limit and the concern for community safety.

Radar Speed Trailer

speed trailer

A portable trailer with a radar unit detects vehicular speed, showing drivers their "actual" speed versus the posted speed limit. This information helps to promote compliance with the posted speed.