About the Program
Redmond's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is part of the City's commitment to theSpeed limit sign safety and livability of our neighborhoods. It is a collaborative effort of City staff and local residents to reduce the impacts of traffic on neighborhoods. Through active participation by you and your neighbors, we can identify the problem, plan the approach, implement the solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness. Traffic calming for residential areas is a concept that seeks harmony between automobiles and people.

How does the program work?

The program works in two phases. Phase I focuses on passive, less restrictive measures like educational programs, enforcement, pavement markings, and signage. Should the Phase I measures provide ineffective at reducing excessive speeds or traffic volumes within a given time frame, then we proceed to Phase II of the program, which includes more restrictive methods. Traffic calming devices such as speed humps or traffic circles may be used in Phase II, based on certain threshold criteria.