Bicycle Facilities Design Manual

Guidelines for the City of Redmond

As stated in Redmond's Transportation Master Plan, it is City policy to "routinely accommodate bicyclists as part of roadway improvement projects." Redmond's Complete Streets Ordinance also requires that all new transportation projects will:   ". . .provide appropriate accommodations for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and persons of all abilities in comprehensive and connected networks."

With streets in Redmond ranging from congested urban blocks to quiet residential streets, this policy of routine accommodation will require designers to be creative and flexible.

Guidelines found in the Bicycle Facilities Design Manual are intended as a resource for designers. The guidelines are in harmony with other documents that generally establish design minimums. They are meant to supplement existing local and national guidelines. They are not intended to replace engineering judgment or to become a constraint, particularly since it is difficult to capture the full spectrum of design challenges in a single document.

Subjects covered in the Bicycle Facilities Design Manual include:

  • Bicycle Lanes
  • Bicycle Routes
  • Shared Use Paths
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Bicycle Route Signs and Wayfinding Protocol
  • Accommodation of Bicycle Traffic During Construction, Construction Specification