Feet First
On July 19, 2011 the City was recognized by Feet First for the work we are doing to create a walkable community.  In the form of a resolution adopted at the July 19 City Council meeting, the City of Redmond publicly supports and is now a member of Walkable Washington.  This puts Redmond in an exclusive category with only a few other cities in Western Washington.

Feet First is the only pedestrian advocacy group in Washington State.  This non-profit organization promotes walking as a viable mode of transportation and believes walking is an important public policy that connects communities, improves health, and enhances economic vitality.

Walkable Washington outlines the strategies for a walkable and vibrant community, and for making pedestrian enhancements that improve safety, mobility, and access for all.  Redmond's Comprehensive Plan policies and the strategies in the Pedestrian Program Plan chapter of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) reflect the initiatives outlined by Walkable Washington.  The City of Redmond works across departments and with the community to implement these policies and strategies.  These further the mutual goals of the City and Walkable Washington to create more livable and walkable communities.

Adopting the goals of Walkable Washington puts the City in an exclusive category with only a few other cities in Western Washington.  Public support of Walkable Washington demonstrates that Feet First recognizes and advances the City's work to provide a pedestrian environment that creates a more walkable, attractive, and livable Redmond.