Downtown Crosswalk Upgrade Project
Funded by a $170,000 grant from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program, the Redmond Downtown Crosswalk Upgrade Project converted the crossings at 19 intersections from simple parallel lines to the safer ladder-style markings.  In many cities, use of the ladder-style crosswalk is often reserved for more high-risk areas, or on school walk routes.

Crosswalks are a critical part of the pedestrian network.  Research shows the ladder-style markings are more visible to drivers, and the most effective markings for keeping vehicles out of the crosswalk area.  (Drivers, please note it is illegal to stop or stand your vehicle on a crosswalk, or to park within 20 feet of one, as written in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 46.61.570).

Redmond's Downtown Crosswalk Upgrade Project is expected to be complete in October.  The new ladder-style crosswalk will then become the standard for pedestrian crossings in Overlake and Downtown.