Bike Bike Racks
bike bike rackIs it a bike? Is it a bike rack? It’s a Bike Bike Rack, and they can be found all over Redmond, funded by the City's Bicycle Facilities Improvement Program.

Bicycling is an increasingly popular way to exercise, run errands, or commute to work. An important part of any bicycle trip is having a convenient and secure place to park your bike when you arrive at your destination.

As part of the City’s on-going efforts to promote bicycling, these artistic yet functional pieces of street art are installed all around Redmond.  The Bike Bike Rack promotes bicycling while providing a safe place for cyclists to park their bikes.

The rack allows both the wheels and the frame of a bike to be secured using a u-style bike lock, an anti-theft device that is significantly more effective than traditional chain or cable locks. Two to four bikes can easily be locked parallel to the rack, leaving the sidewalk clear for pedestrian traffic.
For more information about the Bike Bike Rack, contact Peter Dane in Transportation Services at 425-556-2816.