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Willows / Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan

The Willows / Rose Hill neighborhood plan policies

The Willows / Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan was adopted by the Redmond City Council in July 2002. 

The first review of the plan was completed November 2003. The meeting presentation materials and summary of results can be reviewed for more information.

A map showing the overall view of the Willows / Rose Hill area.

Among the major topics addressed during the neighborhood plan update were the following:

  • Open space and wildlife habitat protection.
  • Options and priorities for improvements in park and recreational facilities, including trails.
  • Pedestrian safety and traffic management needs and priorities.
  • Options for housing types, designs, and densities, particularly for the currently unincorporated NE Rose Hill area. (See article Cottage Housing Coming to Redmond from the Summer 2003 edition of Focus on Redmond magazine.)
  • Needs and potential locations for neighborhood-scale retail and services, particularly for business park areas along Willows Road.
  • Options for reducing the risk of hazards due to potential failure of the Olympic Fuel Pipeline.
  • Ways to promote continued high quality of life in the neighborhood.

Andrew Bauer

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