Marymoor Subarea Infrastructure Planning

Streets, Pipes, Parks, the Future, and You

Redmond is growing as people choose to live and work here. Redmond plans for growth so that everyone has a clear idea what infrastructure will be needed, where it will go, what it will look like, and how it will be built.

Over time, the Marymoor Subarea will become a walkable, denser place that features opportunities for living, employment, community gathering, education, shopping, and traveling to other Redmond and central Puget Sound destinations.

To support this vision, the City is preparing plans with input from a stakeholder group for transportation, stormwater, other utility infrastructure, and park amenities

Adopted Infrastructure Plan Materials

The City Council adopted the Marymoor Subarea Infrastructure Planning Report on June 6, 2017. The adopted materials are listed below.

The following supplemental information was also produced during the course of the study:

Kimberly Dietz 

Jeff Churchill

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