Vehicle Prowls & Thefts
Vehicle prowl is the illegal entry into a vehicle with the intent to remove items or destroy property. Large parking areas are prime targets for prowlers because they can enter several vehicles in a short time. This frequently occurs in parking lots of apartments, parks, schools, pools, shopping centers, restaurants, and parking garages. 

Vehicle Prowls

Preventing Vehicle Prowls

  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Secure windows, doors, and tops
  • Remove valuables when leaving your vehicle, including removable stereos, GPS units, garage door openers, purses, wallets, bags, accessories to any of these items (chargers, etc.), and computers.
  • Park in well-lit areas. Inform management if your lot lacks proper lighting.
  • When possible engrave items with your Washington state driver's license number. This allows us to track stolen property and find the owner more quickly.  
  • If you hear something suspicious (glass shattering, for example) or see someone looking in multiple vehicles, call 911 immediately. Don't get involved or put yourself in danger, just concentrate on being a good witness. 
  • Alarm it. There are a number of vehicle alarms that do the trick. Put an alarm sticker on your window if you have one installed.