Alarm Registration
Title 9.20 of the Redmond Municipal Code provides for corrective administrative action for the purpose of reducing false alarms. A false alarm is one caused by human error or equipment problems resulting in police response with no evidence of an actual crime having been committed.

The following pertains to burglary and robbery alarms only. All monitored security alarms within the City of Redmond must be registered. The Police will not respond to an alarm system for which registration has not first been obtained or one that has not been renewed for the current calendar year. Download the Alarm Registration/Renewal Application.  


If a False Alarm Occurs

If you are not home, your alarm company must call you or an emergency contact BEFORE they call 9-1-1 (EXCEPT if it is a panic, duress, or hold up alarm, then 9-1-1 should be called immediately). If you are at home, cancel the call. Keep your verification, cancellation instructions, and alarm company phone number hidden, but accessible.

Your alarm company should have at least three current emergency contact numbers. If an officer(s) has already been dispatched to your location and your alarm company calls our 911 dispatch center to cancel the call, we will notify the officer but it is still considered a false alarm.


You may appeal the validity of a false alarm with the City's Hearing Examiner. The request for an appeal must be in writing and filed in the Hearing Examiner's office within 15 days of RPD's notification. You will be notified by the Hearing Examiner's office of the date and time of the appeal hearing, which takes place in the Council Chambers. The alarm user and a police representative have the right to present written and oral evidence and call witnesses. Participants will be sworn in and the hearing will be audio taped. Written findings will be sent to the alarm user and the Police Department. If you have requested an appeal and do not appear at the scheduled hearing, your request for waiving the alarm will automatically be denied.

Police Response/Fines

During any 12-month period, commencing with the first false alarm, the following police response and fines apply:


SECOND RESPONSE: $25.00 fine

THIRD RESPONSE: $50.00 fine. A letter will be sent to the alarm monitoring company and the alarm user to inform them of the potential for suspension. A Corrective Action Report will be forwarded to the alarm monitoring company to be returned to us within 10 days describing what action was taken to ensure the system is operating properly. You must also review and sign the form. Failure to return the completed report may result in a $250 fine.

FOURTH RESPONSE: $75.00 fine

FIFTH RESPONSE: $100.00 fine. A written notification will be sent to the alarm monitoring company and the alarm user informing them of the pending 90-day service suspension if there is one more false alarm during the twelve month period.

SIXTH RESPONSE: Written notification will be made to the alarm monitoring company and the alarm user that RPD will no longer respond to security alarms for a period of 90 days.

After completing a 90-day suspension, the site is placed on six-month probation. If three false alarms occur during that 6-month period, the site may be suspended from police response for one year and could eventually lead to permanent suspension. Non-payment of fines will also result in suspension from police response until paid.