Tosh Creek 50th Way Flood Reduction

Vicinity Map

Location: NE 50th Way

Project Phase: Construction complete
Project Manager: Bassam Al-Ali, 425-556-2723

Page Last Updated: 02/22/17

The stream along NE 50th Way frequently floods when there is a lot of rain. This project installed 520 feet of stormwater conveyance pipe and connected it to the current stormwater pipe under West Lake Sammamish Parkway. This connector pipe will direct most stormwater away from the stream, reducing flooding. Construction work was funded by King County Flood District.
Below is a graphic image of NE 50th Way showing the different construction zones and the types of construction in each area.

For more information about this project, please see the project data section below.
50th Way Work Zone 

Project Data:
SEPA Determination for 50th Way Flood Reduction Project
WDFW Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA)
Drainage Report for NE 50th Way

Outreach Materials:
Construction Update (August 19, 2016)
Construction Update (August 12, 2016)
Construction Notice (July 14, 2016)
Project Factsheet (June 2016)

Tosh Creek Restoration

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Project Contact

Project Manager
Bassam Al-Ali