Tosh Creek Tributary B Restoration Project

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Project Phase: Design (on hold)

Estimated Timeline: The project team is currently evaluating project alternatives and will host a series of community meetings and work sessions in 2018.

Contact: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2867

Page Last Updated: 08/29/17

The Tributary B Restoration project is one of a series of projects proposed to restore Tosh Creek. The current series of pipe vaults located under 159th Avenue NE are old and need to be replaced. New stormwater storage is needed to ensure reliability and to meet current standards which protect the stream.

The goal of the project is to provide storage of stormwater upstream of Tosh Creek’s Tributary B. By providing storage, peak flows in Tributary B can be dramatically reduced and the ongoing erosion can then be repaired.

During and after our public meeting on June 13, we heard concerns from the community including the project location, construction impacts and the proposal to site a neighborhood park on top of the vault. In response to community feedback, the City is pausing design work for several months to work with the community to further evaluate alternatives for improved water quality and erosion control for Tosh Creek’s Tributary B. During this process, we will evaluate various locations for stormwater storage near Tributary B. For more information, please visit our online open house.

We have secured funding to design and construct this project through an Ecology grant, King County Flood District grant, and Stormwater CIP funds. Construction is anticipated to occur in 2018.

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Project Data   

Tosh Creek Restoration - 159th Vault Predesign Report (February 2015)
Geotechnical Report for Vault in Street alternative (December 2015)
Geotechnical Report for Vault in Residential Parcels alternative (July 2016)
SEPA Determination of Non-Significance for Vault in Street alternative (November 2014)
SEPA Determination of Non-Significance for Vault in Residential Parcels alternative (June 2016)​


Tosh Creek Restoration

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Project Contact

Eric Dawson, Project Manager