Redmond Way Sidewalk Improvements

Vicinity Map


Location: North side of Redmond Way between 142nd Avenue NE and 148th Avenue NE

Current Project Activities: Project is currently in design

Project Phase: In Design

Estimated Timeline: Construction is estimated to begin in August 2014 and be completed by winter 2014

Contact: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2723

Description: This project implements a portion of the City's on-going Sidewalk Program and provides critical sidewalk linkage and safety improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle network.

This project will construct 1,900 feet of permeable concrete sidewalk on the north side of Redmond Way. The width will generally be 6 feet, but will be reduced to 5 feet in spot locations to avoid existing utility poles. The design will include building retaining walls, relocating the existing guardrail, and restrung the existing lanes on Redmond Way.

This project will be funded in part by a Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grant.