Area Development
Future development in Southeast Redmond will have an important impact on freight mobility. The Greater Southeast Redmond Transportation Study will respond to planned regional improvements by outside jurisdictions. Following are some of the planned improvements coming up for Southeast Redmond:

185 Avenue NE
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This project will construct a new 185 Avenue NE arterial from NE 80 Street to Union Hill Road. Improvements include one through lane in each direction, left turn lanes, sidewalks, street lights, storm drainage, right-of-way, easements, and a traffic signal at Union Hill Road.

188 Avenue NE
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The construction of the section of 188 Avenue NE between NE 68 Street and NE Union Hill Road, Project C52 on the City's 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program list, is expected to begin in March 2009. The description of the cross section is "one through lane in each direction, left turn lanes, bike lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalks, street lights, storm drainage..." Once the civil review process for the Union Hill Corporate Campus development is done, construction drawings will be available to the consultant.

Novelty Hill Road Widening
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This project connects NE Union Hill Road with Novelty Hill Road with the expected completion of 196 Avenue NE. Project limits run from Redmond's city limits to 244 Avenue NE. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2010. More information about this project, as well as the recently announced preferred alternative for Novelty Hill Road, can be found on the King County Capital Improvement Program website. In the Quick Search box, type Novelty. It is project #100992.

SR 520 Bridge and HOV Project
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An element of this project in Redmond will relocate the HOV lane from outside to inside of the roadway alignment on the Eastside from the Lake Washington area to SR 202. This project is expected to start construction in the first quarter of 2009.

Sound Transit East Link Project - Future Park and Ride Lot
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The Sound Transit East Link proposes to connect cities on the Eastside with light rail. The City of Redmond is the last destination on the Eastside, which is also a proposed location for a new park and ride lot in the vicinity of SR 520 and SR 202. The lot is expected to have about 1,200 parking stalls.

These planned improvements are crucial to the transportation network in the Southeast Redmond neighborhood in that they will either add connectivity to the network (as will the Novelty Hill Road Widening Project) or encourage and accommodate transit, carpool, and other non-SOV travel modes (such as the SR 520 HOV and Sound Transit park and ride lot projects). Taking advantage of these improvements presents an opportunity for Redmond to materialize an efficient multi-modal network that effectively accommodates the high traffic demand from both the regional through traffic and local businesses and residents. This study intends to integrate these planned improvements into the Southeast Redmond neighborhood roadway network in a coordinated fashion.