Redmond Bike Share

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Redmond Bike Share

Council Considering Bike Share Launch in May 

Redmond City Council is considering action in late March or early April, which if approved, is anticipated to enable bike share to launch in May 2018. May is the annual Bike Everywhere Month and a common time of year to begin new bicycle initiatives.

The service would be provided by private companies via a permit with Redmond - bringing bike share to Redmond at no cost to the City.

Easily bike from point A to point B

How could I use bike share?

Each bike share company is independent and has its own system of bikes and smartphone application. The phone application is used to find bicycles, to unlock a bicycle, and pay for rides. Certain companies offer the first ride for free.

Bike share could improve travel choices and mobility

Short Trips

Convenient access to shared bicycles will enable more short trips to be taken by bicycle instead of by car. This may be a significant number of trips because the average trip length for all trips in Redmond is 2.2 miles or approximately a 15 minute bicycle ride. Trip examples include an office to lunch or an apartment Downtown to an office on the Willows Road/Redmond Central Connector corridor.

Transit Connections

Certain bus or light rail trips are not competitive with car travel because the first mile to transit (e.g. home to bus stop) or the last mile from transit (e.g. bus to office) is too time consuming. Bike share can provide bicycles near offices, transit stops, and homes (where appropriate) which can reduce the first/last mile trip time to 5 or 10 minutes. This will make transit time competitive with a car for certain trips thereby improving travel choices.


If bike share comes to Redmond and there is an issue, citizens would be asked to contact the bike share provider. Contacts will be provided when operation begins.

The City's contact for this project is Buff Brown, Senior Transit Planner. Buff can be reached at or at 425-556-2870.