172 Avenue NE

When is this road going to open?

(Updated: Spring 2017)

Residents in North Redmond have been inquiring about the status of 172 Ave NE, and when it might be open to through traffic. 

Currently 172 Ave NE remains closed, with a gate at NE 124 Street (Redmond City limits), but is accessible to emergency response vehicles as well as pedestrians and bicyclists.

172 Ave NE will open to general vehicular traffic when the following conditions are met:

  • The intersection of 162 Place NE and NE 124 Street meets warrants for a traffic signal, which will happen when enough residential units are built and occupied in North Redmond to generate sufficient traffic volumes.
  • Funding is identified for a traffic signal and left turn lanes at 162 Place NE and NE 124 Street and the project is constructed. (This intersection is currently owned by King County.)
  • Traffic calming is completed on the corridor between NE 111 Street and NE 128 Street. Proposed traffic calming will be coordinated with area residents and King County.