Goal: Promote a variety of community gathering places and diverse cultural opportunities.

Recreation and Arts. A total of 147,886 people participated in City recreation programs, down from about 155,825 in 2013. The Arts program sponsored So Bazaar night market for the first time in 2014, which accounts for some of the increase in Arts program participation to 28,500 people.

Events. About 25,000 people took part in Redmond Lights and Derby Days combined in 2014, a slight decrease compared to the 2013 total of about 26,000 people.

Condition: GreenCircle = good, YellowCircle = fair, RedCircle = poor. Trend: UpArrow= improving, RightArrow =maintaining, DownArrow = worsening.

Observation Objective Condition 6-year Trend*
Enrollment in recreational and cultural programs
Total enrolled, all age groups 147,886
N/A GreenCircle UpArrow
Attendance at arts performances and exhibitions 28,451
N/A GreenCircle UpArrow
Large event attendance (Redmond Lights, Derby Days) 25,000
N/A GreenCircle UpArrow
* Where six years of data are available.

Jeff Churchill

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