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The per capita traffic-related injury and fatality rate for Redmond

Redmond’s per capita injury rate fell from 2.8 to 2.2 injuries per 1,000 daytime population in 2014, and there were no traffic fatalities in 2014. The City of Redmond’s goal is to decrease the per capita injury rate to 1.3 injuries per 1,000 daytime population by 2030. Redmond’s aspiration is to maintain that low level while eliminating fatalities and serious injuries, a goal which corresponds to the Washington State Department of Transportation’s “Target Zero” campaign. This is an aggressive goal. To succeed will require action by several actors, including the City of Redmond, state and regional transportation agencies, auto manufacturers, enforcement agencies, and all transportation system users. Its success will also depend on the impact of increasing numbers of jobs and residents in Redmond.

Source: Planning Department, Public Works Department

Updated March 2015

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Jeff Churchill

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