Public Art Collection

Explore the City of Redmond's collection in a new way. The Redmond Arts Program currently maintains a public art mobile app for the City's permanently-installed outdoor art collection. The app is called STQRY (pronounced "story") and is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows 8 operating systems.

The app will help you locate new nearby works of art via a GPS system. STQRY also has a built-in QR (hence the "qr" in STQRY) code scanner, so you can find out more about a work of art that you happen upon. Each STQRY profile includes a history, artist statement, and historic images and video when available. You can also discover works by other local arts agencies who are also using STQRY, including 4Culture, ArtsWA (Washington state's collection) and City of Sammamish (public art, parks, facilities).

New works are purchased through the 1% for arts program or with funds from the visual arts acquisition fund. Public Art Program includes over 100 artworks around the City of Redmond. A Collection Maintenance Program cares for the public art owned by the City.   


SIGNALS, a site-specific installation by John Fleming of colored LED lighting, de-commissioned train signals, and steel near 161st Ave NE and Bear Creek Parkway.

By using parts from decommissioned train signals once used to regulate traffic along the BNSF railroad intersections in Redmond, SIGNALS acts as a gateway that brings together pedestrians and bicyclists instead of trains and cars.


SKY PAINTING, a site-specific art installation that is now considered the largest painted surface in the state of Washington. The piece also doubles as a parking lot at the corner of Leary Way NE and Bear Creek Parkway.

This piece celebrates a grove of trees standing at the entrance to the new parking lot. Ten-foot rings in alternating blue and yellow draw the eyes to the trees. What results is an interactive painting that adds aesthetic appeal to an exciting new Downtown entry and asks us to consider what it is that we are parking over.Sky Painting


Redmond's ERRATIC, a site-specific installation of steel, rock, glass and interactive LED light, by John Fleming near 166th Ave NE and NE 76th Street.

Three giant wedges represent a glacial erratic: an enormous boulder transported by glaciers to what is now our Downtown, a geode that has broken open to expose a luminous core.TheErratic



Hunting Fox, bronze sculpture, by Tony Angell at Redmond City Hall, 15670 NE 85th St


Seagull on a Post, red cedar sculpture, by Dudley Carter at Dudley Carter Park, corner of Leary Way and 159th PL NE.


Abandoned Truck, Twin Lakes, photograph, by Malcolm L. Edwards at Redmond Senior Center, 8703 160th Ave NE
Zen Rock Garden, digital media, by Dan Colvin at Redmond Senior Center, 8703 160th Ave NE
Dawn, mixed media on panel, by Andie DeRoux at Redmond Senior Center, 8703 160th Ave NE
Silver Forest, mixed media on panel, by Andie DeRoux at City Hall, 15670 NE 85th St
Modern Convenience, powder-coated steel, hammers, chains, sprockets, basalt, by Chris McMullen at City Hall, 15670 NE 85th St


Unknown Voyages and Strange Events by Inez Storer
Going to the Other Side by Inez Storer
Public Safety Building Art Panels by Roberto Delgado


2007 Redmond Volunteer Arts Award by Jay Levey
Scooter by Pamela Drury Wattenmaker


Art Outside the Box Pilot Project by Jill Schmidt and Brandie Lakman at the corner of 85th St and 160th Ave
2006 Redmond Volunteer Arts Award Floating through Life by Marita Dingus
Dudley Carter by Suzanne O'Connor
Large Double Swirl with Glass by Andrew Carson
Silver Thaw by Ed Carpenter at City Hall entrance at 15670 NE 85th St
River and Rain by Blue McRight and Warren Wagner at Redmond Campus parking garage


2005 Redmond Volunteer Arts Award Untitled fused glass by William Ayers
The First Pitch by Hai Ying Wu at Grass Lawn Park (entrance from east parking lot) on 148 Ave NE


Fire Fighter's Bench by Michele Van Slyke on the Fire Fighter's Plaza - donated by the Rotary Club of Redmond
Green Field and Aviary by Elizabeth Conner and Glenn Herlihy at Perrigo Community Park Art, 9011 196th Ave NE