Activities Lookup
This page has been created to assist people that search for classes and activities on the pages that may really need to find the online Parks and Recreation system.

Tips for finding items by number

If you attempt to search here for the latest new classes and activities using item or class numbers, unfortunately you can't get there from here.

If you have an activity number, follow the search steps below.

Search steps: by number

1. Go to the Activity search page
2. Use the Advanced search at the top of the page
3. Add number and click the button

Finding items with key words

Search steps: key words

1. Go to the Activity search page
2. Click the arrow beside the Advanced search for more options
3. Add keywords etc.
     a. sometimes less is better
     b. if your words are plural with no results, try making them singular

Examples of keywords/phrases found in the registration system
(though not all terms are in every quarter)
Big truck day
Chrystal kid
Geology adventures (geology alone gets better results)
Kid yoga
Lego class (lego alone gets better results)
Little tykes
Strength training: lots of different types
Summer camp (or camps): there are lots of different types
Tiny treks (trek alone gets a result, trekkers or other forms of the term don't get good results)
Toddler activities (toddler alone gets better results)
Wagon train type activity (or AKA "Tots on the farm")