Illustrations of Housing Innovation

Innovative housing has no one look, and no one feel. Rather, it complements its surroundings. The photos on this page present a range of innovative projects in Redmond and other communities.

1. Accessory dwelling unit
2. Duplex
3. Small lot single-family.
4. Cottages
5. Triplex
6. Accessory dwelling unit

Example 1: Accessory dwelling unit. This ADU is built over a detached garage in Kirkland.
Example 2: Duplex. This pair of homes is in Redmond’s Grass Lawn neighborhood, set among traditional single-family detached homes.
Example 3: Small lot single-family. This home is on an approximately 4000 square-foot lot. It is located in Southeast Redmond.
Example 4: Cottages. These homes, each under 1000 square feet, open to a common open space. They are located in Shoreline.
Example 5: Triplex. Located in Southeast Redmond, these homes are set amongst duplexes and single-family detached homes.
Example 6: Accessory dwelling unit. This ADU is set above an attached garage in Kirkland.