Cable Franchises Information

History of Cable in Redmond

Cable television first came to Redmond in the 1960's when Vista Television Cable, Inc. began installing coaxial cable lines via utility poles in many of the city's newer neighborhoods. By the late '80's, most citizens living or working close to a public right-of-way could contract with the cable operator for cable service, and many did. Currently, about 83% of Redmond households are cable subscribers.

As of 2008, most of the city is served via fiber optic lines installed by competing cable television providers, Comcast and Frontier.

Cable Franchises

In December 2002, the City of Redmond negotiated a new cable franchise with Comcast that will be in effect for the next ten years.

In September 2008, the City negotiated an additional 10 year franchise with Frontier.

View the Comcast Cable Franchise or the Frontier documents, or the in pdf format. (To read pdf documents, download Adobe Acrobat for free if you do not have it.)