History 1990s


Youth Advocate position developed and filled
Began co-sponsoring Wordsplosion, Literary Arts Fair – (inaugural) Now called Write Out Loud (ended 2005) (beginning of Redmond Association of Spokenword) at Redmond Elementary Discontinued Redmond Children's Playhouse and Missoula Children's Theatre Residency


Long-term Loan of Patrick at Hartman Park entrance by Terry Sullivan Family
Dedicated Works by Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades for the MOC (Maintenance and Operations Center for City's Shops remodel and new Park Operations building)
Discontinued ArtSplash
Began interviewing RAC candidates for hands-on involvement
Began Winter Performance Series


Sponsored mobile unit ‘concert' at a Derby Days Parade for first time
Began Winter Performance Series
Second % for Art project at O'Leary Park by Michele Van Slyke integrated park design with art elements (windvane, facia on kiosk clock tower and art benches paid for by grants secured by Public Works)
Public art direct purchases Paired Beavers by Georgia Gerber for Luke McRedmond Landing Boat Landing and Poised for Flight for the Municipal Campus


Council and Mayor increased per capita to $1.25
RAC recommended changes to program areas and expands sections to include Literary Arts with Performing Arts, Grants with Arts Education and Visual arts expands to include collection maintenance and temporary art exhibits.
Dedicated first work of art under 1% for Art program at Fire Station 16 created by Hi Ying Wu Fire Fighters 
1st Outdoor Monumental Sculpture Exhibit: Municipal Campus east lawn, part of ArtSplash
First purchase award from Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit – Brandon Zebold three pieces – Lift, TAT and Portal II placed on Municipal Campus between City Hall and Senior Center along Sammamish River Trail.
Spring into Writing took the place of Inksplash, part of ArtSplash
Acquired Dorisjean Colvin (Palmer) prints and etching from City Shops.
Began outdoor artwork annual maintenance program


Purchased a 2D artwork from Artsplash Juried Art Show
Began Arts Education Grant Funding Grant Program funding
Purchased Dudley Carter's Three Panel Abstraction for Luke McRedmond Landing Park


Moved arts offices to Redmond Senior Center
Dedicated Public Safety Building Art Project – Impressions in Time
Purchased a large amount of 2D artwork from Artsplash Juried Art Show
Published first RAC Arts Newsletter – which is now included in FOCUS magazine as Art Quest
First Hip Hop Artwall installed (by Redmond Teen Center and Redmond Police Department with community donations from Cadman Gravel) (Not an Arts Commission program)


Dedicated Fibonacci 3D by Jeremy Bennett, student art project collaboration with Redmond Junior High School and Lake Washington Technical Institute
Purchased a large amount of 2D artwork from Artsplash Juried Art Show
Started first percent for art project Fire Station 16 in SE Redmond
City took over sponsorship of ArtSplash
Completed Facility needs assessment


Completed Artwork Site Plan and Inventory Report (1992)
Begin Organizational Support Grant Funding program
Arts in the Parks 10th Anniversary
Received grant funding from King County Arts Commission to do Cultural Facility needs assessment study


City Council approved first per capita funding ($1.00) dedicated to Arts Commission programs and services in pre-determined ranges for Performing Arts, Arts Education and Visual Arts (acquisition).
Began City of Redmond Volunteer Arts Awards program
Visual Arts Collection Management policy adopted
Third Art Selection process for Public Safety Building/Council Chambers


City council approved 1% for art ordinance (1990)
Dedicated the first piece of public art Dudley Carter's Fantail Bird – Redmond Senior Center, funding donated by the Sammamish Valley Arts Association
Began Redmond Art Discovery Arts Education lecture series (ended in 1994)
Second Art Selection process for Council Chambers