2000 to Present


- Changed the name of the "Arts Commission" to the "Arts and Culture Commission" 
- Developed the Downtown Cultural Corridor Master Plan 
- Dedicated "Redmond's Erratic," a new public artwork by John Fleming, in the Redmond Central Connector
- Completed the Eastside Creative Vitality Index (CVI) Project Installed Chris
- Presented "Cre8tivZoo: Exhibitions of Wildly Creative Music" in venues throughout Downtown Redmond
- Presented "Poetry for Geeks, Geeks for Poetry" organized by Jeannine Hall Gailey, Redmond's second poet laureate
- Partnered with the Vedic Cultural Center to host the Redmond Festival of Color at Downtown Park, part of the second Redmond Arts Season


- Installed "Artificial Light," a visual art installation at Anderson Park and part of the first Redmond Arts Season
- Published 10 X 10, a poetry anthology edited by Rebecca Meredith, Redmond's first poet laureate
- Presented "Professor Pomme's Pomp and Pastry Paradoxicals," by Lucia Neare's Theatrical Wonders
- Presented "Acts Out," an outdoor theater festival at Anderson Park


- Began the funding program the Redmond Arts Season- Began the funding program the Redmond Arts Season
- Developed the Art Master Plan for the Redmond Central Connector
- Presented the 3rd annual Digital Arts Festival
- Purchased the sculpture "Hunting Fox" by Tony Angel, installed in front of City Hall


- Installed a major exhibition of sculpture by Tony Angell - Presented the 2nd Digital Arts Festival
- Installed Chris McMullen's Modern Convenience in City Hall
- Established the first Redmond Poet Laureate


- Installed multi-media work by Andie deRoux at City Hall and the Senior Center
- Began the children's performance series as part of Arts in the Parks
- Completed 5 year Strategic Plan


- Installed four mural panels by Roberto Delgado at the Public Safety Building
- Received WRPA Award for Best Brochure for the 2007 Redmond Outdoor Sculpture Program
- Created and Presented the Digital Arts Festival
- Installed two paintings by Inez Storer for the permanent collection


- Installed 2007-2008 Redmond Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
- Installed art on-loan from the Microsoft Art Collection and the Safeco Art Collection
- Received Best Costume Award at the 67th Annual Redmond Derby Days Parade
- Presented Arts in the Parks, including new hands on activities and the Arts Jam


- Received the Grand Derby Award at the 66th Annual Redmond Derby Days Parade
- Dedicated first kinetic artwork Double Swirl with Glass by Andrew Carson, at ORSCC west parking lot entrance
- Installed rotating art collection at new City Hall
- Received WRPA Poster of Excellence Award for the 2005 AITP poster/flyer
- Received WRPA Best Specialty Merit Award for the 2005-07 Redmond Outdoor Sculpture flyer


- Expanded Redmond Outdoor Sculpture (ROS) with outside sponsorship by local businesses and is spread around town, hire paid curator.
- Hosted 4Culture King County Performance Network Site Specific Performances in the fall
- New Redmond City Hall opened, 2 dimensional rotating artwork moved from satellite sites and photo documented and repaired
- Dedicated First Pitch sculpture % for art at Grass Lawn Park by Hai Ying Wu


- Provided input to City's Comprehensive Plan to include art around the City
- Council approved increase to $1.50 per capita effective for 2005
- The PRO PLAN incorporated a new section on Arts & Culture
- Participated in artist selection for new City Hall and Parking Garage art projects at panels facilitated by 4Culture for Wright Runstad, Developer
- Dedicated integrated artwork Green Fields and Aviary by Elizabeth Conner and Glenn Herlihy at Perrigo Park grand opening
- Dedicated Fire Fighter's Bench by Michele Van Slyke at Fire Station 11 funding donated by Redmond Rotary
- Received WRPA Honorable Mention Community Spotlight Award for the RAC Web Flash Media Movie – 2004


- Dedicated Eagle and Salmon on Stump by David Barnhart funded by City Water Department at Reservoir Park
- Completed Arts Education Curriculum Project for 3-6th grades
- Received Award from Washington State School Administrators Association for Outstanding Community Leadership for the K-6 curriculum project
- Began ORSCC Art Gallery opens with first exhibit by Beth Lovitt and Cheri O'Brien
- Dedicated A Helping Hand % for art at Fire Station 11 by Judy Phipps and Fire Fighters Plaza designed and funded by Parks & Recreation Department


- Received NRPA Dorothy Mullen Award for Arts Ed Curriculum Project
- Won Derby Days Parade "Most Original" Award
- Received funding for Arts Education 3-6th Grades Project
- RAC volunteer-curated Sculpture Garden/Outdoor Exhibit
- Selection of bronze firefighter sculpture for Fire Station 11 by community
- RAC Flash Media Movie launched
- Created new arts mailing list database
- Began Co-sponsor of Eastside Symphony concerts at Redmond Senior Center
- Winter Performance Series continued with less support from 4culture, re-implemented ticket sales to cover costs


- Began televising Arts Commission meetings on RCTV 3x/year
- Received Grant funding for Arts Education Curriculum Project K-2 from King County Arts Commission and Washington State Arts Commission for collaborative project with Lake Washington School District
- Published Arts Treks Redmond Public Art Walk Flyer –Tourism Grant
- Developed RAC website information on City's home page
- Dedicated Tip-Off & Challenge sculptures by Ken Turner – Grass Lawn Park
- Public Works purchased artwork Last Test for NE 90 St Bridge


- Moved arts offices to Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
- Received Derby Days Parade "Most Original" Award
- Offered Arts Education – Theater Workshops
- Dedicated Aurora & Diane by Lisa Sheets in Anderson Park
- Discontinued RAC Newsletter, moved to Arts Quest in FOCUS News Magazine
- Offered first City-wide Art Docent meeting (Sept)