Tree Canopy

Our Redmond community values protection and enhancement of our natural environment and sustainability of our natural resources.

As we invest in our environment, trees play a critical role. Trees help purify the air, generate oxygen, slow and absorb stormwater runoff, stabilize slopes, reduce erosion, mask noise, contain glare, and conserve energy. They enhance the community’s appearance, identity, and natural beauty. Trees also provide habitat for birds and a variety of wildlife.

The City already has policies and programs in place to monitor and protect our trees, while at the same time accommodating growth and development:

  • Our Tree Preservation Ordinance sets development requirements to avoid extensive removal of trees and incentives for protecting existing trees. When tree removal is a necessity during land development, mitigation is required. First priority is on-site replacement.  If that it is not possible, trees can be replanted off-site, but inside the city.  The last option is a fee-in-lieu process for mitigation. 

  • All trees in the City of Redmond, regardless of location (private property, city-owned property, easements, etc.) are subject to our permitting and protection requirements. The replacement ratio is a 1:1 for significant trees and 3:1 for landmark trees.
  • Our Green Redmond Partnership is a volunteer-focused program to bring 1035 acres of forested parkland into active management i.e., focused on the removal of non-native, invasive plants and replanting with native trees and shrubs.
  • We also proactively manage and maintain nearly 8,000 trees along major city-owned arterials and downtown to promote long-term health, keeping visibility and safety in mind.

Tree Canopy Strategic Plan

We recently completed our Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture and Conservation (PARCC) 2017 – 2030 plan. During community engagement, the Redmond community reaffirmed their desire for conservation and broadly supported an aspirational tree canopy coverage goal.

Tree Canopy Map

City of Redmond Tree Canopy Map

Tree canopy refers to the percentage of a city that’s covered by trees when viewed from above. The great news is that we’ve successfully maintained our City’s tree canopy of 39%--less than a 1% difference between 2009 and 2013. It’s a testament to our environmental stewardship and value we as a community place on preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us.

To ensure we continue to increase tree canopy across the city, city staff is currently developing a Tree Canopy Strategic Plan. This plan will establish a canopy goal, proposed timeline, and methods for achieving that goal, focusing on policies, cost and public support.

Tree Canopy Cover *Click on image above to learn the importance of the tree canopy

Tree Canopy Status *Click on chart above to compare our tree canopy to neighboring cities