Large Woody Material

Large Woody Material Enhancement in Urban Streams

Executive Summary

Overview of study approach and conclusions. (1 page)

Puget Sound, Washington: Monitoring and Adaptive Management Summary

Background for the 3-phase study, project reference materials, and a Summary Overview of the entire study. The "Large Woody Materials References," are available from the City (CD format) by written request. (26 pages)

The Use of Large Woody Material in Stream Enhancement Projects within Redmond

Investigation and analysis of six Redmond stream enhancement projects installed between 1996 and 2004. Includes maps, data tables, and photographs. (12.52 MB, 83pp)

Using Large Woody Material in Stream Projects: Are we Hitting the Mark? 

A real magnum opus by lead investigator, Alan Johnson, of Natural Systems Design, Seattle, that explains the complexity of natural stream habitats and provides extensive illustrated examples of natural and constructed log placement. This is a 'stand alone' document that will appeal to many stream watchers. (5.21 MB, 43pp)