Overlake Village Station Infiltration Vault
Station Vault

Location: Underneath street in front of the Overlake Village light rail station
Project Phase: Design
Timeline: Expected complete by end of 2017
Contact: Steve Hitch, Senior Stormwater Engineer, 425-556-2891

The Station Infiltration Vault is the second of three regional stormwater facilities proposed for Overlake Village. This facility will provide retention of stormwater and treatment by infiltrating the stormwater into the ground.

The City and Sound Transit are partnering to construct this facility as part of the construction of the Overlake Village light rail station. The City is working on design of this facility in cooperation with Sound Transit so it can be fully integrated into the light rail station project. The vault is expected to be complete by the end of 2017 and the light rail station will open in 2023. Sound Transit will build the vault and the City will own and maintain it.

Project Specific Information

June 2014                 Hydrogeology Supplement No. 1 
                                  Groundwater Mounding

December 19, 2013    Hydrology and Geotechnical Engineering Report

December 20, 2013    Overlake Village Station Regional Infiltration Facility
                                    Alternatives Analysis

December 20, 2013    Overlake Village Station Regional Infiltration Facility
                                    30% Design Report

December 30, 2013    Overlake Village Station Regional Infiltration Facility
                                    30% Design Drawings

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