Heating Oil Tanks
Heating oil tanks should be periodically tested to make sure they are not leaking. Property owners can be found liable for contamination caused by leaking tanks. Tanks that are leaking or no longer in use should be removed or decommissioned to reduce/prevent impacts to the environment and costly cleanup by the property owner.

A leaking tank can cause several serious problems:
  • Contamination of the soil on the primary and adjacent properties;
  • Contamination of ground water, which serves as a source of our drinking water;
  • Contamination of surface waters;
  • Vapor accumulation under or in nearby buildings;
  • Collapse of old or unused underground heating oil tanks causing sinkholes.
If you have a heating oil tank on your property the State of Washington offers Pollution Liability Insurance to assist with the cost of site cleanups due to leaking tanks.

If you are removing or decommissioning an aboveground or underground heating oil tank you are required to obtain a Tank Removal permit from the City of Redmond Fire Department.