Recycling and Waste Reduction Assistance

The City has recycling experts available to help businesses recycle more, reduce waste and save money. Learn what your business can recycle and get free tools to recycle more and reduce waste.

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Refresh Your Recycling Pledge

 Recycling Pledge

Thanks to all the Redmond Businesses that have taken the Recycling Pledge!

Garbage and Recycling Service

The City of Redmond contracts with Waste Management for garbage services. Recycling is available at no extra cost! Get a free recycling dumpster (up to 1-1/2 times the size of your Waste Management garbage dumpster). To start or change service, or to report a missed pick up visit Waste Management or call 1-800-592-9995.Recycling does not need to be sorted. All recyclable materials can go in one container - no more separation of glass, plastic, metal, or paper. Recyclable materials include: paper (newspapers, mixed paper, mail), cardboard, plastic (bottles, jugs, dairy tubs - no lids or caps), glass (bottles and jars), and metal (aluminum and steel cans).

New Business Recycling Guidelines

Food Recycling Service

The City of Redmond’s business/food recycling program is going strong. Thanks to the 200 businesses and organizations for keeping Redmond clean and green by recycling their food scraps!  Businesses may request up to two 96-gallon food recycling carts - picked up two times a week by Waste Management at no additional charge. This service, geared for those businesses with large amounts of food or other organics in their waste stream, can result in a small garbage dumpster – and a smaller bill!

Acceptable items include:
  • meat
  • cheese
  • bones
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • food soiled paper.

Commercial Food Recycling Guidelines

Collected materials are taken to Cedar Grove and turned into compost for landscaping.

Contact:  425-556-2897

Hard to Recycle Items

Many resources are available to help your business recycle unusual or difficult to recycle items.
  • The King County Business Recycling and Reuse Database lists sources for recycling and donation of used materials (ex. vendors who accept scrap metal, wood pallets, cell phones, etc for reuse or recycling). 
  • King County’s Take It Back Network provides a list of local electronics repair, resale shops, recyclers and nonprofit groups that recycle or reuse electronic equipment and fluorescent bulbs and tubes. Computers, televisions, and fluorescent bulbs are not accepted in the garbage. 
  • The Industrial Materials Exchange is a King County service designed to match businesses that produce wastes, industrial by-products, or surplus materials with businesses that need them. 
  • Green Tools is a King County program designed to ensure that jobsite material is recycled to the greatest extent possible and to provide assistance with green building practices.

Confidential Doc.

Computers, TVs and Other Electronics

Clean, Reusable Packaging Materials

Wood, Concrete, Asphalt, Bricks, Pallets


Light Bulbs and Lamps

Printer Cartridges

Cellphones and Rechargeable Batteries

Single Use Batteries

Find / Purchase Recycled Content & Reused Products

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Contact:  425-556-2832

Hazardous Waste

For more information about hazardous waste at your business including reducing waste, recycling, and proper storage and disposal visit the King County Local Business Hazardous Waste Management Program.

If you store hazardous material at your business, learn about proper secondary containment to help prevent contaminants from impacting the soil and groundwater.

Waste Prevention

Visit King County’s Waste Prevention page to learn more about preventing waste at your business, including removing your business from junk mail lists.

Using Recycled Materials

King County’s LinkUp Program is working with businesses to increase the use of recycled materials. It provides free, easy-to-access technical and marketing assistance to selected Puget Sound area businesses that process recyclable materials or use them to manufacture recycled-content products.

Green Business Recognition Programs

Submit your business to one of these programs and be recognized for your efforts to protect the environment!
  • King County’s Workplace Recycling Program recognizes great workplace recycling programs.
  • Envirostars is a program that certifies businesses for their efforts in preventing pollution and reducing hazardous waste.

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