Fire Prevention

State Codesline

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)
Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Local Codes and Standards  (with Administrative Rulings & Interpretations)

Redmond Municipal Code (RMC)
    Redmond Municipal Code (RMC) Section 15.06 
Redmond Zoning Code - (Updated 10.26.2013)
    Redmond Zoning Code - Appendix 2
Redmond Community Development Guide (RCDG)  (In Effect Until 4-15-11)
Redmond Design & Construction Guide (Revision date 5-26-09)
Redmond Comprehensive Plan
Standard Specifications & Details - 2012

Redmond Fire Code Interpretations

IFC Issuance of Violations by Fire Prevention Personnel
IFC 907.10.1.2: Visual Alarms in Employee Work Areas
IFC 1006.2.2 & 1006.2.7: UL 300 Systems 
IFC 3404.2.10 Stationary Above Ground Tanks 
IFC 1504.6: Spray Booth Fire Protection Requirements
Redmond Municipal Code 15.06.017 - Elevators

Redmond Fire Standards (with Administrative Rulings & Interpretations)

1.00: Title, Authority, & Applicability 
2.00: Access & Addressing
     2.0:  Addressing/Unit Number Scenarios
3.00: Fire Flow
    3.0: Fire Flow Calculation Adjustment
    3.0: Fire Flow Calculation
4.00: Standpipes 
    Standpipe Flow Test Guidelines (Over 3 megs in size) 
5.00: Sprinkler Systems (*Revised May, 2014
    Residential Sprinklers are Required When 
    5.0: Sprinkler Head Change Out Permit Procedures Quick Response Heads in Light Hazard Occupancies
6.00: Hood & Duct Systems 
7.00: Reserved for Future Use
8.00: Reserved for Future Use 
9.00: Automatic Fire Alarm Systems 
    9.8: Central Station Service Alternative
10.00: Flammable or Combustible Liquid Storage Tank Removal or Abatement
11.00: Reserved for Future Use 
12.00: Fire Extinguishers
13.00: Reserved for Future Use
14.00: Fire Watch
15.00 Preventable Alarm Ordinance
16.00 Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems
17.00 Reserved for Future Use
18.00 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems

Fire Sprinkler System Forms

Fire Sprinkler System Standard and Quick Start Permit Application 
Fire Sprinkler System - Multi-Jurisdiction Quick Start Sprinkler Application
13 D Functional Flow Test Guidelines

Fire Alarm System Forms

Automatic Fire Alarm System Standard and Quick Start Permit Application
Certificate of Completion and Compliance
Battery/Power Calculation Form
Central Station Service Outline 
Owner's Information on Alarm System Certification 
Alarm System Designer of Record Required Information Form 
Alarm System Designer of Record Signature Block Example 

Fixed Suppression System Permit Application

Fire Installation Forms

Fire Installation Permit Application 
    Cryogenic Liquids Submittal Checklist 
    Flammable Combustible Liquids Submittal Checklist  
    High Piled Combustible Storage Submittal Checklist 
    High Piled Storage Questionnaire
    Industrial Ovens Submittal Checklist 
    Liquified Petroleum Gas Systems Submittal Checklist 
    Place of Assembly Submittal Checklist 
    Refrigeration Equipment Submittal Checklist 
    Smoke Control Systems Submittal Checklist 
    Spray Finishing Submittal Checklist 
    Battery System Submittal Checklist

Fire Operational Permit Applications

Annual International Fire Code Permit Application
Single Use International Fire Code Permit Application
    Tank Removal Permit Application

Fire Alarm Alternative Operational Permit Application
    Fire Alarm Alternative  - Program Description
    FAQ - Fire Alarm Alternative Program

Hazardous Materials

HMIS Classification Guidelines
Hazardous Materials Classification Worksheet
Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Closure Checklist

Other Items

Knox Box Program Information
Knox Box Installation Instructions 
Overtime Request Instructions for Inspections or Plan Review 
Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Zone Map Requirements 
Requirements for Buildings Under Construction
2014 Fire Permit Fees
Investigation Start Up Form
Sample Easement Language
Sky Lanterns - Informational Sheet
Access Control Doors - Code Requirements

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