Fire Inspection Forms

State Codes

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Local Codes and Standards

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Redmond Fire Code Interpretations

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Redmond Fire Standards

1.00: Title, Authority, & Applicability 

18.00 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems

Fire Sprinkler System Forms

Fire Sprinkler System Standard and Quick Start Permit Application 

13 D Functional Flow Test Guidelines

Fire Alarm System Forms

Automatic Fire Alarm System Standard and Quick Start Permit Application

Fixed Suppression System Permit Application

Fire Installation Forms

Fire Installation Permit Application 

Battery System Submittal Checklist
Hot Works Checklist 2014
High Piled Storage Checklist 2014

Fire Operational Permit Applications

Annual International Fire Code Permit Application

    FAQ - Fire Alarm Alternative Program

Hazardous Materials

HMIS Classification Guidelines
HMIS Worksheet 2014

Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Closure Checklist

Other Items

Investigation Start Up Form
Inspection Notice
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