Permit Processing FAQs

What is the DirectRequest system?

DirectRequest is our interactive voice response system for 24-hour access to Permit Center services and information via your phone, 425-556-2435. With DirectRequest you can:

  • Schedule Inspections
  • Cancel Inspections
  • Retrieve Inspection Results
  • Check Plan Review Status
  • Retrieve Inspection History
  • Check Zoning Status

What are the permit fees in the City of Redmond?

Permit fee information may be found on the Fee Schedules page. Each of the different fee schedules provides information on what the permit fee is based on. Generally we use one of three methods, the value of construction based on the square footage, the actual cost of labor and material to complete the project, or a flat fee.

Are permit fees refundable?

Applicants may apply for refunds when an application or permit is withdrawn or canceled prior to commencing of any review or inspection process. The Building Official shall determine whether a refund is appropriate. Refunds shall be based on the following:

  • Refunds shall be requested in writing, on company letterhead (if applicable), by the original applicant, and must include the permit number and the date of the initial permit application.
  • Refunds shall only be issued to the company or person who made the original payment.
  • 100% of any fee erroneously paid or collected shall be refunded, regardless of amount.
  • No refund shall be made on permits with a fee of less than $150.00*.
  • Permit applications requiring Plan Review that are withdrawn or cancelled before any Plan Review is done may have not more than 80% of the Plan Review Fee refunded.
  • Permits that have been issued may have not more than 80% of the Permit Fee refunded if withdrawn or cancelled before any work on the project has been done. Note that no portion of the Plan Review fee shall be refunded on Permits that have been issued.
  • No portion of the Technology Surcharge shall be refunded.
  • No portion of the Washington State Building Code Fee shall be refunded.
  • Permit Applications or Permits that are Expired shall not be refunded.

*Exception: Fees erroneously paid or collected.

Do I need an appointment to apply for a permit?

Yes, an appointment is needed when applying for any permit that requires plan review or when applying for more than three (3) over-the-counter permits. To schedule an appointment, please contact one of our Permit Technicians at 425-556-2473, by email to Permit Tech or through our online
booking widget.

May I start work before my permit is issued?

No. Work on a project may not legally begin before a permit is obtained and on the work site.

How long will it take to get a Building Permit?

Once the project is assigned, please contact the Plan Reviewer to get a time estimate. You can check your project status and see who has been assigned to your project by checking out our Inspections page. The process of obtaining a permit is an interactive process. There are several factors that effect the length of time necessary to receive a permit:

  • Completeness of plans.
  • Does your submittal contain all of the required information.
  • How quickly the contact person responds to review comments.
  • Current workload of the City Plan Review staff at the time of submittal.
  • What type of review is required.
  • Plan reviews for permit issuance are completed on a "first in - first out" basis.

May I pay extra to expedite my Building Permit?

No, but during periods of high volume, City employees may work overtime to process permits for all customers. These overtime costs are not charged to the customer. We do have an Expedited Building permit for minor tenant improvement projects in B or M occupancies for which there is no additional charge. Please refer to the Expedited Permit for Minor Tenant Improvement Work to see if your project qualifies.

Where can I view current Land Use Action Notices?

Current Land Use Action Notices can be found on the Land Use Action Notices page.