Site Construction

Site Construction Process

Site construction involves the physical construction of approved site improvements including water, sewer, and stormwater utilities; public and private streets and driveways; parking; landscaping and fire safety features.

Preconstruction Conference (PreCon)

Submit paper copies of the approved mylars to the DSC a minimum of 24 hours before scheduling the PreCon. Schedule PreCon at 425-556-2723. A response with the scheduled meeting date, time and location is sent via email. The date of the meeting is within 5 business days of receipt of the request. The applicant with appropriate Design Team members attend the PreCon with DSC staff.

The following permits or approvals must be submitted prior to or during the PreCon Meeting:

  • Emergency Contact List
  • Right of Way Use Permit
  • Proposed Construction Schedule
  • Wet Weather Plan

Site Construction

Contractor notifies the Construction Division Lead Inspector two working days prior to starting any work. Following the two day notice, the contractor can begin surveying and setting clearing limits. During construction, the contractor is required to maintain one official full-size set of plans on site for Record Drawings (the golden set). The contractor and the Construction Inspector update the plans with information including the final locations of all new materials incorporated into the work, elevations of pipelines/utilities and all existing improvements encountered during construction.

Utility and Life-Safety Inspection

The applicant contacts the Lead Inspector to schedule a Utility and Life- Safety Inspection a minimum of one week prior to the requested date. An inspection is required prior to issuing water and sewer permits and allows for setting a lower performance bond amount. Inspections include testing the water, sewer and stormwater systems; as well as purity testing the water system.

Water Meter & Side Sewer Permits

Water and side sewer permit applications take 2 weeks to process.

Record Drawing Review

City notifies the applicant to initiate the Record Drawing process when determined the project is substantially complete. The applicant has 4 ½ months to complete this process and provide as-builts to the Development Services Record Drawing coordinator. If Record Drawings are not provided by the end of the 4 ½ month period, the Record Drawing cash deposit may be forfeited.

Final Inspection

Contact Construction Division Lead Inspector a minimum of one week in advance to request a Final Inspection. Following the inspection, the City mails a letter including a punchlist of construction items still to be completed, along with a list of any needed documents. Contractor has 45 days to complete all items on the punchlist.
Note: The Fire Department completes inspection of the site as part of the final Fire Inspection for the Building Permit.

Punchlist Check

Contact Lead Inspector a minimum of one week in advance to schedule Punchlist Check Inspection.
For items remaining incomplete, the contractor has an additional 45 days to complete the work. Once the Lead Inspector determines that construction is complete, the City notifies the contractor that a one year
warranty period has commenced.

Post Warranty Bond

The City releases any performance bonds in place once the applicant has posted a warranty bond. The bond amount is at least 10 percent of the construction costs of the public improvements but not less than $10,000.

Warranty Inspection

City schedules a Warranty Inspection within 30 days of the end of the warranty period. The City mails out a letter including a punchlist of items needing correction, along with a list of any needed documents.
Contractor has 45 days to complete all items on the punchlist. Upon completion of the punchlist items, the contractor notifies the Construction Division Lead Inspector to request a Punchlist Check Inspection. Once the Lead Inspector determines there are no additional work items, the City sends the applicant an Acceptance of Warranty letter and releases the warranty bond.