Related Permits

The following is a list of permits typically required in addition to the general building permit.

All related permits listed below have the same City of Redmond permitting process as a building permit regarding:

  • Scheduling permit intake appointment
  • Submitting complete permitting packet
  • Submitting correction responses from correction letters
  • Issuing permit

Fire Permits

Required Fire Permits are noted on the Building Permit as a condition of approval by the Fire Plan Reviewer. Related Fire Permits can consist of many different types depending on the use of the space. 

Mechanical/Plumbing Plan Review

Mechanical/Plumbing Review is usually required only on medium to large commercial or multi-family projects. The purpose of these reviews is to ensure that the systems will comply with the 2012 UPC and the 2012 IMC. To determine if your project required Mechanical or Plumbing Plan Review please refer to the second page of the Mechanical Permit Application or the Plumbing Permit Application.

Mechanical Permits
Required for new commercial buildings before mechanical equipment is installed, altered, replaced or remodeled. Mechanical Permits require plan review.

Plumbing Permits 
Required before a plumbing system or fixture is installed, altered or remodeled and requires plan review.

Electrical Plan Review

Electrical Plan Review is general required for large commercial or multi-family projects. This review looks at the loads that are to be placed on the electrical system. The purpose of this review is to ensure that the wiring will be safe and comply with the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC). To determine if your project requires Electrical Plan review please refer to the second page of the Electrical Application.

Electrical Permits 
Required before electrical wiring or equipment is installed, altered or replaced. Electrical Permits requiring plan review are:

  • Installations or alterations of any commercial generator
  • Installations identified as requiring electrical plan review in WAC 296-46B Table 010-1 & 010-2. All other electrical work is issued over the counter with a complete application form.
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Public Works Permits

Hydrant Permits
Hydrant permits are sold for short-term water for construction, demolition, landscape, and other special water uses. Hydrant permits are sold over the counter in the Development Services Center of Public Works located on the 2nd floor of City Hall, 15670 NE 85th Street, and are readily available with the payment of the required deposit and completion of the permit application form.

Hydrant fees for the both the Redmond Service Area and the Novelty Hill Service are found on the Fee Schedule Page.

Additional information about hydrant use, fees, or acquiring a hydrant permit may be obtained by calling 425-556-2760.

Side Sewer Connections and Permits
All connections to the City of Redmond sewer system require a side sewer application. Repair work on existing sewer service lines also requires a side sewer permit. Single-family, multi-family, commercial, or industrial structures in the City of Redmond located within 200 feet of a public sewer may be required to connect to the public facilities.

Grease interceptors and oil/water separators (see Pretreatment) that connect directly to the public sewer system also required a side sewer permit. All side sewer connections and/or repairs must be done by a contractor that is approved by the Development Services Center and listed on the Center's Side Sewer Contractor Roster. More information regarding side sewer's can be found on the Forms & Handouts Page

Right-of-Way Permits
Prior to construction, and in addition to any other permits required, a City of Redmond "Right of Way Use Permit" MUST be obtained for all construction work within the City's right-of-way. See the Public Works Forms & Handouts Page for more information regarding Right-of-Way Permits. 

Temporary Construction Discharge
This permit allows discharge of construction surface water and stormwater to the City of Redmond sewer system. The City of Redmond has jurisdiction over the Temporary Construction Discharge Permit.

Temporary Construction Discharge permits are invoiced on a monthly basis. The contractor is required to provide a monthly flow report outlining the dates, times, and quantities of discharge. The discharge volumes are invoiced to the contractor at the commercial rate for sewer discharge. The discharge flow monitoring system shall be approved by the Utility Project Manager prior to issuance of the Temporary Discharge Permit.

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Miscellaneous Permits

Sign Permits
Required before a sign is installed, altered or refaced for wall mounted, blade or monument signs. All sign permits require plan review. Option to apply online, which provides a faster plan review timeline.

Tips to help you apply for sign permits online:

  • You can apply for multiple sign permits online. Multiple signs are allowed to be on one permit application. Please enter the quantity of each permit on the application form.
  • A detailed site plan showing property lines, easements, setbacks and building square footage is required for all monument signs.
  • You must have the correct address or parcel number. For monument signs, the nearest building address should be selected.
  • You can also submit for and obtain related electrical permits for illuminated signs online.

No refund shall be made on sign permits.

Since sign permits are non-refundable, you are encouraged to contact Carl Mcarthy, Code Enforcement Officer at to initially review your proposed sign for compliance to our most current sign code provisions before you submit for a permit.

Retaining Wall Permits  (TI application package)
Required before a retaining wall is installed or altered. Retaining walls require a building permit when they are over four feet in height measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall; support a surcharge or impound Class I, II or III-A liquids.

Detention Vault Permits  (TI application package)
Required separately from the Coordinated Civil Approval process before a detention vault is installed or altered.

Demolition Permits
Required to remove an entire structure (over 200 sq ft) including the foundation. When only a portion of a building is removed, a building permit is required instead of a demolition permit.

Fence Permits
Required when the fence installation is over seven feet tall, measured from the average grade to the top most part of the fence. If a fence is less than seven feet tall then a building permit is not required but the fence is still required to comply with all state and city regulations and codes.

Awning Permits
Required when attached to a commercial or multi-family building and there is no writing or graphics on the awning.

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