Land Use Application

Land Use Application Review

The Development Review Division of the Planning Department coordinates review of land use applications to assure conformance with adopted goals, policies and regulations. To gain an understanding of how Land Use Permit Review fits into the overall development process, go the “Developers” page to view a flow chart of the various components of development review in the City.

A Land Use Permit is typically required for the following actions:

  • Any public, semi-public or private proposal for new construction or exterior modification to a building or site including multi-family, commercial, industrial, utility construction.
  • Expansion or remodeling of structures, parking or landscaping. Subdivision of land or modification to property boundaries.
  • Interior tenant improvements that propose additional square footage (such as a mezzanine) or that propose a use classified as a special use or conditional use.
  • Approval of Master Plans.
  • Proposed development within Shoreline Jurisdiction.
  • Construction or installation of telecommunication facilities.
  • Modifications to historic landmarks. Proposed variances or modifications to adopted regulations such as site requirements, critical areas regulations and shoreline regulations

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Overview of the Land Use Application Process

Pre-Application Review: The City of Redmond generally recommends attending a Pre-Application Conference at which you will be able to discuss your project with representatives from each department. These conferences will provide you with preliminary information that will assist you in preparing your development application.
PREP Review: As an alternative to the standard review process, applicants may choose to go through PREP review. This process requires proposals to be in code-compliant form in order to be considered a complete application. For details on PREP review visit the PREP information page.

Land Use Application Review

Once you have submitted your complete application, there are three primary components to Land Use Permit Review: 

Technical Review

Most applications require review by the Technical Committee made up of representatives from Planning, Public Works, Fire, Building and Parks. The Technical Committee reviews applications for compliance with City regulations and policies. The Technical Committee also completes review required under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Design Review Board Review

Design Review Board Review is generally a required component of Land Use Permit review for projects with a total valuation of $50,000 or greater. The Design Review Board reviews architectural, site and landscape design for compliance with the City’s Design Standards. Any approval conditions by the DRB are incorporated into the Land Use Permit approval.

Environmental Review

Environmental Review is Required unless specifically exempt per the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). To determine if you application is exempt from SEPA, you may call the Planner On Call (contact information below).

Upon Completion of these components, your Land Use Permit review is complete and you may proceed with Building Permit and Construction Drawing Review. 

Process Flow Charts

Type II Permits

Administrative Design Flexibility, Administrative Modification, Binding Site Plan, CAO Reasonable Use-Public Projects, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Short Plat, Site Plan EntitlementSpecial Use Permit

Type III Permits

Critical Areas Exception for Streets/UtilitiesPreliminary Plat (with Master Planned Development)Preliminary Plat (w/o Master Planned Development), Reasonable Use Exception, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, Shoreline VarianceVariance

Type IV Permits

Conditional Use Permit, Development Guide Amendment-Zoning Map, Essential Public FacilityMaster Planned Development Type IV (with Preliminary Plat)Master Planned Development Type IV (stand alone)

Type V Permits

Final Plat, Long Term Temporary Use Permit, Plat Alteration, Plat VacationRight of Way Vacation

Scheduling an Intake Appointment for Land Use Permit

Appointments are required for submittal of land Use Applications. Please call the Planner on Call at 425-556-2494 or e-mail at to schedule an appointment.

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