Building Construction

The Building Division staff, under the Building Official, consists of Permit Technicians, Plans Examiners, and Inspectors.

The Building Division provides permitting, plan review and inspection services to ensure that buildings are safe for the citizens of Redmond. The Building Division reviews, issues and inspects Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Sign and Demolition permits. In addition, the staff is part of the City's emergency operations team providing post event evaluation of buildings to determine if they are safe.

Contact: Plans Examiner at 425-556-2493 or  (between 8 am - 5 pm)  

Construction tip sheets you can visit

To access building permits applications, forms, and submittal requirements the information can be found under the Forms & Handouts page.

All of the Development Services fee schedules can be found on the Fee Schedule page.

Permits and Plans

Contractor places all permits in a three-ring binder, tabbed by discipline and keeps binder in the general contractor’s on-site office along with all City approved drawings. The general contractor is responsible to ensure all proper permits and sub-permits are obtained.

Building Inspections and Public Works Inspectionsline

Inspection requests for the next business day must be made by midnight. Scheduled inspections are cancelled through either the Phone Request or Web Request programs until 4 am on the day of the scheduled inspection. Inspection results and inspection history are available 24 hours a day through either request system.

Make an Inspection Requestline

• Phone City’s Interactive Voice Response System – Direct Request at 425-556-2435
• Online at

Fire Inspections

A fire inspection request can be completed online. A request can also be emailed to Inspections are scheduled in the order they are received, regardless of the method used.

Normal fire inspection hours are between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. To request
an inspection outside of these normal hours, or to request an overtime
plan review, see Overtime Request Instructions on how to email the
necessary information.

Planning Inspections

Scheduled inspections are through either the Phone Request or Web Request
programs. Allow up to four business days for the planning inspection
after it is requested. The inspection requester is contacted for a scheduled
appointment and must be present during the inspection.