Bids & RFPs


Redmond is a code city operating under the optional Municipal Code, Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 35A. There are no statutory bidding requirements for the city when purchasing supplies, materials, equipment or services not used in conjunction with a public work or architectural, engineering, or surveying consulting work. As such, the city has developed its own set of policies and procedures for the purchase of needed goods and services. Purchases relating to Public Works Construction and Architectural, Engineering or Surveying consulting work follow the competitive bidding procedures as outlined in RCW 39, which addresses this specific type of work/service.

Interlocal Purchasing Agreements

The State of Washington often enters into interlocal cooperative purchasing agreements with other governmental agencies and political subdivisions such as counties, cities, and school districts. These interlocal agreements (made possible through RCW 39.34) allow agencies such as the City of Redmond to "piggyback" on selected state contracts, other city's contracts, and various public purchasing consortiums, which satisfy the City of Redmond's internal requirement for securing competitive pricing on selected purchases of material, equipment, supplies, and services. To view a copy of these existing agreements please select this link: Interlocal Cooperative Purchasing Agreements.

While the City of Redmond participates in these agreements for some items, most of the day-to-day purchases of the city are not covered by such interlocal agreements. To obtain information about contracting with the state, please contact the State of Washington.